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Joanie at Thunder Hole, ME
Piton (2006-2021)
TnT at the Ridge
Sydney Saville's first climb
Chad Hume cranking hard at Comp
Simon Longacre ready for El Cap
Tabitha Burgis in her Soap Box Car
Mom's Army - Expedition Impossible
TJ on Midnight Lightning, CA
BINER (1997-2005)

Climbing Cat
Lewis Hull at RR (Age 85)
Matt Adukaitis learns to crack climb

Laura Hilbert at Ralph Stover
Holly Woodcock at Chickies
Carrie Martin at the Gunk's, NY
Dave Hume on Puss in Boots
Chloe' Kuehn at Chickies
Lynn Kuehn at Chickies

Sherry Grimm at the Ridge
Sean Anderson at the Gunk's, NY
Dave Hume II at RR
Lucy Kuehn at Chickies
Dan Kuehn at Chickies

Kim Sullivan at Chickies
Amanda Peterson at the Gunks
Jessica Haag at Chickies
Brett White & Meredith Kristen at J-Tree
Andrew Dunkers at the Ridge
Jess Cho at Chickies
Mike Peterson at the Gunks
Ben Straub at Chickies
Don Dunker at the Ridge
Christopher Dunkers at the Ridge

Don Kern at Otter Cliffs, ME
Matt Campbell, Vermont
Alyssa Hummel at Gunks, NY
Dave "Chub" Broomhall at Gunks, NY
CJ Sigmund at Chickies
Juli Kern at Otter Cliffs, ME
Drew Peterson, Vermont
Logan Minnich at Gunks, NY
Misty Spotts at Hunters Rock
Alex Seidel at Chickies

Lisa Burkholder at RR
Luke Wynen on Ant's Line, NY
Dave Eckert on That Eight, NRG
Bonnie Eckert at RR
Ellen Houle (Cool El) at NRG
Julienne Balestrier at RR
Becky Hull at RR
Heidi Moran on Fabulous Groupie, NRG
Matt Adukaitis on Easily Flakey, NRG
Simon Longacre Boldering

Jenn Seva-Kutch at RR
Jason Kurr at Ridge
Jillian Weissenrieder at Chickies
Robin Stryker at Chickies
Ann DeLaurentis at Joshua Tree
Mike Kutch at RR
Mike Reading at NRG
Christa Weissenrieder at Chickies
Harry Smith at Gunks, NY
Rudy DeLaurentis at Gunks, NY

Ian Jackson at Ralph Stover
Peggy Hummel at Gunks, NY
Melissa Taylor at Ralph Stover
Brent Ott at RR
John Houle All the way Baby, NRG
Dave Schulze (Styling)
Kyle Broomhall Bouldering
Noah Deitrick on Hippie Dreams, NRG
Russ Campbell at RR
Gino Filippini at Heuco Tanks, TX

Ted Coffelt on Itching to Climb
Jamie Tesche on Hog Nose
Dan (the Man) Jopp on Angry White Man
Molly Grimes at Chickies
Adam McDevitt at Chickies
John Baxter at Heuco Tanks, TX
Doug Endy on Fracture
Chris McCarty at NRG
Andy Marquardt at Chickies
Tim Quick & Chris Sharma
at Phoenix Bouldering Comp

Eric Sauder on Total E-Clips, NRG
Ana Acevedo on Hippie Dreams, NRG
Jeff Piluss at Minersville
Heidi Laudeman (Squat Move)
Howie Weber at Adirondacks
Wes Schempf Bouldering
Jacob Acevedo at Chickies
Sandy Kenter at Box Car Rocks
Dave Bradley at Minersville
Eric Dunkle on Shockley's Ceiling, NY
(and Eric's climbing story)

PAGE TEN (Group Pics)
Crew at the Gunks, NY
Kara, Dave, Jeff, Glenn and Gary's Thailand Trip
The Pad People
Father and Sons Day at the Ridge
Crew at New River Gorge
Crew at Chickies
Phoenix Bouldering Comp
Robin, Ann, Harry, and Rudy - Gunks, NY
Crew at the Quarry

An artist's conception shows a
Mars astronaut exploring a sheer
cliff on the Red Planet. A recently
formed foundation hopes to lay the
groundwork for such a scenario.

550 George Street, Reading, PA 19605  (610) 374-6007